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Woman as an Incubator

As a Woman, it is important that you realize how unique and important God has made you. Women are incubators, if they are presented with an idea, a need, or a problem, they will take it to heart and work through it until they arrive at a solution. Just as a womb nourishes a fetus during development and an incubator protects premature or sick babies, a woman has a nurturing instinct that can be a powerful source of help and encouragement in the lives of others.

God made the female to be the life-giver, so that whenever you need to give life to something, she can do it. Have you ever been in the house of a man who is living by himself? The colours are drab, everything is out of place, it doesn’t look attractive, usually untidy. People keep telling him, he needs a ‘woman’s touch’. When the man eventually gets married and his wife moves in, she changes the drab look. She puts up colourful curtains, places flowers around the room, rearranges the furniture, and in no time, makes it into a beautiful place. When a woman walks into a room, she changes the countenance of that room. She gives life to a place.

As a woman, you have the ability to give life to what you have irrespective of the condition or situation it is at the moment; it could be your marriage, job, relationship. Take the best that they can offer you, incubate it, and give life to it. When you have finished with it the house becomes a home, from your job as an employee, you become an employer.

God wants to set you free to develop the gifts He has placed within you and the ideas and visions He will give you.

Pastor Tayo Famakin of Gateway Chapel – www.gatewaychapel.org.uk